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預付定金購物計劃 (layaway plan)

預付定金購物計劃 (layaway plan)


在單個產品頁面購買任何支持分期付款計劃的產品時, 在”付款分期 (payment plan)”一項中選擇 “預付定金購物計劃 (layaway plan)”, 無需全額付款
When selecting “layaway plan” as an option when buying any product that supports layaway payment plan on individual product page, full payment can be made later.

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預付定金購物計劃 (layaway plan)

當你今年作假日購物時,你也許有興趣利用推出的預付訂金購物計劃(layaway plan)購物,讓你在零利息下分期繳付購物費用。 最新調查,預購計劃最受年齡介乎35至44歲的消費者歡迎,而每10名年齡介乎18至24歲的消費者中,就有1位認為預付訂購物服務對他們選擇購物目的地起重要作用。如果你有意使用這種計劃,注意以下事項:

Hello, Looking to Layaway with goodbuyhk? It is easy at goodbuyhk! Everything is automatic when you choose Layaway at checkout. Just look for the Lay-Buy option on each Product page. Layaway one product, or your entire cart. All your choices will be marked SOLD immediately. With just 20-30% down, you can be on your way to creating your collection! Use preferred payment method of choice including cash payment. Please familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions below prior to creating a Layaway Plan.

買方取消購買 Cancellation of Lay-Buy by Buyer 如果產品損壞,買方可以在產品交付前和產品交付時隨時取消其“購買協議”。 The buyer may cancel their Lay-Buy agreement form at any time prior to delivery of products and on delivery of products if the products are damaged by so advising seller in writing or if seller agrees, orally.

當你付款 (包括訂金), 即代表閣下同意下列條款及細則: 1. 所有預訂均根據客人的要求,包括但不限於款式、顏色及尺碼等,進行預訂,正常情況下,本公司不會因客人訂錯款式、顏色及尺碼等等提供任何退款或退換貨服務。 2. 所有貨品的預訂價錢由確認及付款時所訂立,正常情況下,客人不能因最後本店的現貨零售價錢或市場價錢與客人預訂價錢有差異而提出任何退款要求。 3. 所有訂單經付款確認後,除非經我們書面同意,否則均不能作出任何修改。正常情況下,在任何情況下,所有已付款確認的訂單,客戶均不能提出取消申請。如因供應商未能提供該產品的預訂或可因內部問題 (如價格不合),本公司有權隨時取消訂單及退款 (如適用)。本公司亦有權隨時取消訂單及退款。 When you pay (including deposit), you agree to the following terms and conditions: 1. All reservations are made according to the customer's requirements, including but not limited to style, color and size, etc. Under normal circumstances, the company will not provide any refund or exchange due to the wrong style, color and size. Goods service. 2. The reservation price of all goods is set at the time of confirmation and payment. Under normal circumstances, the customer cannot request any refund due to the difference between the last spot retail price or market price of the store and the guest booked price. 3. After payment is confirmed, all orders cannot be modified unless we agree in writing. Under normal circumstances, under any circumstance, the customer cannot apply for cancellation of all orders that have been confirmed for payment. If the supplier fails to provide a reservation for the product or due to internal problems (such as price inconsistency), the company reserves the right to cancel the order and refund (if applicable) at any time. The company also reserves the right to cancel orders and refunds at any time.

說明 Description

在Goodbuyhk,要使用layaway plan,你的預付訂金購物金額必須總共50元或以上。 需要支付首期嗎? 消費者需先繳付預付貨品總值的20-30%金額。客戶只需要在單品頁面選擇layaway plan就可以看到價格的變化。 然後只需像往常一樣點擊添加到購物車,結帳頁面將顯示商品到達時需要支付的剩餘金額 可以預付訂金購買貨品時間有多久?只要在取貨時繳付全費便可以。 貨品會否一直被放置存貨區直至款項全付?當然會,否則它可能會不小心地賣給另一位顧客。所以會在你開設預購後將貨品包好,再放在一個存貨區直至你付完錢為止。 如果貨品沒貨的話怎麼辦?在你繳付時,先了解是否有預訂到貨品。至於貨品的送貨時間應該要預先由雙方同意。 倘若你在分期付款時,貨品減價的話怎麼辦?當你作預購付款時,貨品會有特價,您仍然可以享受折扣並將優惠券添加到您的購物車 。 如果你的預購服務被取消呢?如果Goodbuyhk取消預購計劃,你的已付款項獲退還。 如果計劃被取消,如何獲退款?Goodbuyhk會以該店禮物卡方式退款;Goodbuyhk會將款項退回至你當初付款的方式。 《消費者報告》指出,預付訂金購物聽起來是信用卡的不錯替代方式,而且也沒有利息,不妨考慮利用吧。
At Goodbuyhk, your layaway purchase amount must be a total of 50 yuan or more. Do I need to pay the down payment? Consumers need to pay 20-30% of the total value of the prepaid goods first. Customers only need to select the layaway plan on the single product page to see the price changes. Then just click Add to cart as usual, and the checkout page will display the remaining amount that needs to be paid when the product arrives How long can I purchase goods with a deposit in advance? Just pay the full fee when picking up the goods. Will the goods remain in the storage area until the payment is fully paid? Of course it will, otherwise it might accidentally be sold to another customer. So after you open the pre-order, the goods will be packaged and placed in a storage area until you have paid the money. What if the goods are out of stock? When you pay, first find out if there is a reservation for the goods. As for the delivery time of the goods, it should be agreed by both parties in advance. What if the price of the goods is reduced when you pay in installments? When you make a pre-order payment, you can still enjoy the discount and add coupons to your cart. In another case, you are eligible to receive the adjusted price once within the first one or two weeks of starting the installment payment. You can inquire about the relevant practices in the store and have to prove in writing. What if your pre-order service is cancelled? If Goodbuyhk cancels the pre-order plan, your paid amount will be refunded. If the plan is cancelled, how can I get a refund? Goodbuyhk will use the store’s gift card to refund; Goodbuyhk will refund the money to the original payment method. "Consumer Report" pointed out that layaway payment plan sounds like a good alternative to credit cards, and there is no interest, so consider using it.
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1. 完成付款後,我們會盡快於辦公時間內安排寄出。 2. 收件時請顧客檢查貨品,如有損毀,請直接拒收或要求退回寄件人。 3. 如收到的貨品或數量與訂單不符,請於收貨後之2個工作天內致電客戶服務部,我們會與物流公司核實派送過程,如因物流公司派遞時遺失或損毀,我們會與物流公司追討賠償。 4. 未能成功投遞的訂單,Goodbuyhk將會以電郵/電話方式聯絡顧客,安排重新送貨。

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